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My Curly Way

Curl My World: Curl Sculpting Gel


Curl My World is a sculpting gel for healthy curls, with a powerful hold that enables defined, soft curls over time without frizz and without a sense of stiffness or dryness.

Based on fruit extracts and rich flowers that produce natural shine to the hair.

What’s NOT inside? Sulfates, silicones, parabens, mineral oil and no animal components. Curl My World contains components that allow you to maintain both shine and definition over time and also keep maintain soft curls.

Curl My World does not contain glycerin so you can use it in humid and dry weather as well.

What’s more? This product was tested by curly, wavy and kinky hair women and men. It was tested on our own curls, not on animals. We’ve put our heart and soul in this products.

Treat your curls with love, and they will love you back.