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What’s a pre-poo and why do I need it?

Posted by Divine Curls on
Questionnaire: Do you pre-poo your hair?

Before we get started, pre-poo is short for pre- shamPOO. (Get it! 😉) A process that involves preparing the hair with oil, a hair mask or hair clay, before you shampoo. I wanted to clarify the meaning so we have no confusion that may lead to something yucky! Ever since I’ve started pre-pooing my hair, it’s been a life saver! I’ve reduced the time it takes to detangle my wet hair in the shower and noticed how much softer and manageable my hair was after I washed it. Curly and textured hair needs a lot more moisture than straight hair, therefore, pre-pooing your hair can help with the four benefits listed below. However, no matter what your hair type, pre-pooing can be beneficial for straight hair too! Check out why I love pre-pooing my hair:

  1. Reduces shedding and breakage

Detangling my hair with olive oil has helped reduce shedding that I often experience while washing my hair. Breakage can occur when the hair is wet, so when you take the time to apply a pre-poo on dry hair, you can help prevent your wet hair from shedding and breakage. Curly and textured hair tend to dry out faster when wet. Add shampoo, and your hair can feel brittle and dry after your shower. Olive oil adds a protective barrier to my hair that prevents it from getting too dry from the water and shampoo.

  1. Adds moisture and sheen back into hair

Some shampoos can dry out your hair and strip your hair from the oils that curly hair so desperately needs. After shampooing your hair, you should always follow-up with a conditioner or deep conditioner to add moisture back into your hair. However, pre-pooing your hair will add a protective layer to your hair before you shampoo that will help maintain even more moisture in your hair. After my hair is thoroughly washed and conditioned, I also notice a sheen in my hair after I blow dry it.

  1. Minimizes tangles and single strand knots

Depending on your curl type, you may experience a lot of single strand knots. For example, my daughter’s 3b/3c hair has more single strand knots that my 4c hair and tends to get really dry if it’s not in a protective style. Applying a pre-poo to both of our hair has helped reduce the amount of single strand knots and breakage.

  1. Reduces scalp inflammation and dandruff

During the winter season especially, my hair and skin become really dry. When curly hair becomes wet, it strips your curls of the natural oils that your hair and scalp so desperately need. With the lack of natural oils and moisture, your scalp can become irritated. Pre-poo oils and hair masks can help sooth your scalp irritation by adding a moisturizing shield to the irritated area.

Depending on your curl pattern, you will need to find which pre-poo treatment works best for your curls. My favorite pre-poo items are:

Is pre-pooing your hair a step that you've included in wash day? If not, will you start? If yes, what do you use to pre-poo you hair?

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