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How I Detangle My Type 4C Hair

Posted by Divine Curls on
How I Detangle My Type 4C Hair

Detangling curly hair is a necessary evil. It needs to be done with care, otherwise you’ll end up shedding more hair than needed. Detangling can be done while your hair is wet or dry. While some curlistas are adamant about detangling their hair while it's soaking wet, others prefer to detangle while their hair is dry.

I personally take the latter route. My hair sucks up a lot of water and moisture and makes wet detangling difficult for me. My hair strands are weaker when wet and prone to breakage. I detangle my hair when it´s dry to decrease shedding and it´s less painful for me.

Essential Detangling Supplies:

  • Hair elastics or clips to section hair
  • Favorite oil or conditioner – I use coconut oil
    • If using the LOC method, then you will need both
  • Filled water bottle

Hair Detangling Technique:

1. Start with stretched hair. I always detangle my hair on wash day and on fully stretched hair. I’ve tried detangling my hair on a shrunken afro and it was too painful - the kinks and curls were too tight and didn’t allow easy slippage.

2. Section hair into 4-6 sections. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you may need to section your hair into 8 sections. I twist each section into a bun and hold it with an elastic or hair clip. After detangling each section of hair, I will also massage that section of my scalp.

3. Coat your hands in your favorite oil or conditioner. I use coconut oil to detangle my hair, making sure the ends are completely saturated in the oil. If needed, I will lightly spritz my hair with water to soften it with my coconut oil. Sometimes I will leave the coconut oil or conditioner on as an overnight treatment that will leave serve as my pre-poo. And make sure to take extra care of single strand knots.

4. Start at the ends, working your way to the root of your hair. Make sure you saturate your ends with oil or conditioner as these are the most fragile parts since they are the oldest. After that section is fully detangled, I coat it in extra oil and put that section into a small bun.

If you are detangling your hair in-between wash day or in preparation for a new protective hair style, then use the LOC method (L – liquid, O – oil, C – conditioner) to add moisture to your hair. This includes spritzing your hair with water and then applying your favorite oil followed by a conditioning cream.

What method do you use to detangle your hair? What are some of your favorite products?

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