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Happy New Year: Seven New Year Resolutions

Posted by Divine Curls on
Happy New Year: Seven New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year, Curlies! Whether you set new goals focused on your health, finances, career advancement, or relationship status with your family, friends, or spouse - it's never to late to add a few more into the mix. Don't forgot to include hair goals!

1. Trim Your Ends
If you're one of the fortunate people to have a natural hair stylist who you trust, schedule routine hair trims with them to rid your hair of split ends and single stand knots. If you’re still not comfortable with going to the hair salon for a trim, in fear of heat damage or a botched hair cut, then learn how to trim your ends yourself using the search and destroy method, two strand twist method or blow out method. There are countless YouTube videos to help you find the best approach that suits your comfort level.

2. Spring Cleaning in Winter
Naturalistas and products junkies go together like cake and ice cream. It’s easy to become inundated with products – half of which are barely used or don’t work for your hair texture. Clean out your cupboards and donate gently used products to a local homeless shelter or women’s shelter.

3. Brows (Still) on Fleek
Short hairstyles and updos draw more attention to the structure of your face, especially your eyes, versus long hairstyles. Make sure your brows are on fleek. Find an eyebrow specialist or groom, shape and fill in your eyebrows to accentuate your features.

4. Add Accessories to Your Collection
Bold earrings, head scarves, turbans, loc jewelry, clip-ins – those are just a few items to spruce in your hair routine. Accessories are a great way to change your everyday style or to cover up a botched twist out.

5. Break Out of Your Comfort Zone
It’s easy to fall into your daily go-to hair routine. Try something new in the New Year - rock an afro or try a bold, new undo, cut or color. Whatever it is, break out of your comfort zone and strut your confidence.

6. Learn and Try New Hairstyles
Spend a lazy Sunday afternoon on YouTube and get caught up on new hair tutorials. Don’t be afraid to also check out a few straight/blown-out hairstyles to try. As long as you use minimal heat and a heat protectant, you can straighten your hair periodically.

7. Find More Curlfriends and Network
Find local meetups and networking events that cater to naturalistas and make new curlfriends. These events can be a great opportunity to swap gently used products and test out new products that you would normally not purchase or have been eager to try. Making new curlfriends will better your support system – no one understands the everyday struggles of natural/curly hair than other curlfriends!

Remember to always accept and love your hair! Do you have any New Year’s hair resolutions?

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